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Grateful Dead fans Drew Hamilton and Mike Widmer tackle 1972 and review Jerry Garcia’s Garcia, Bob Weir’s Ace, and the Dead’s Europe ’72. Like a bad Dr. Scholls’ commercial, the chemistry between Hammy and Widdy is gellin, so tune in as the boys act like they know what they’re talking about even though they were five years old during this time period of the Dead.

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Show Highlights (or Lowlights depending on your viewpoint):

  • 06:55-06:59 Don’t worry about that little technical meltdown. Way to fight through it, Widdy.
  • 29:53-30:13 Hammy dips into the way-back time machine for a throwback to Episode 1
  • 1:07:26-1:08:05 Quite possibly Hammy’s best analysis yet

On a good note, the boys finally accurately forecast what they’ll cover in the next show. Come back for Episode 4 when Hammy and Widdy will review the albums Wake of the Flood, From the Mars Hotel, and Steal Your Face.

Hop on the bus for this long, strange trip through another time’s forgotten space…on Shakedown Speak!