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Grateful Dead fans Drew Hamilton and Mike Widmer are back to review Wake of the Flood, From the Mars Hotel, and Steal Your Face from 1973-1974. Listen in to laugh and learn as WidKid educates you on Dead history, while Hammy cuts up in the back of the classroom.

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Show Highlights (or Lowlights depending on your viewpoint):

08:25-08:35 Widdy comes awfully close to criticizing a Dead tune
18:10-20:35 Hammy visits Dead harmonies 20 years later
24:00-25:41 Technical meltdown, anyone?
38:35-38:50 Was that a Great Gazoo reference?
50:00-50:35 Widdy again toes the line of a criticism without crossing it

Widdy is projecting this Ship of Fools to make it through 1979 in Episode 5, which would include reviews of Blues for Allah, Terrapin Station, and Shakedown Street. Well, well, well. You can never tell.

Hop on the bus for this long, strange trip through another time’s forgotten space…on Shakedown Speak!